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I'M MAD #headbangerpop


Hamburg, Germany
Uebel & Gefährlich, Music Is My Best Friend Tour


Hamburg, Germany
Uebel & Gefährlich, Music Is My Best Friend Tour


Nod One's Head
2016: I'm Mad (Single)
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Nod One's Head is Charlott Boss. After being on the road as a duo with the last album "Lava", singer-songwriter Charlott Boss is now solo and creates her own unique sound under the name Nod One's Head.

Whereas the previous style of Nod One's Head was a mixture of melancholic indie pop and electronic house rhythms, it is now more of a modern synthesis of electronica, dance and pop. The spirit of Charlott Boss' songwriting is as unmistakable as her stage performance.

Charlott Boss is no longer the introverted artist, sitting at the piano with her eyes closed. Her signature move during her performance is closer to headbanging. Classically trained in cello, ballet and musicals, she has indeed enjoyed a more conservative musical education. At the same time, however, she was hardcore metal fan, a gamer, professed techie and a graduate of motion design studies. This colourful cocktail of musical, creative and technical experiences forms the background for Charlott Boss' music, in which the inspiration of different styles and influences from contrasting areas such as cello and computer games merge. Her lyrics reflect the communication of social networks. Language, images, figures - everything relates to the digital lifestyle.

Nod One's Head doesn't fit into any conventional genres, but it is also far from being a bizarre art project. Headbangerpop, future pop, music for nerds - no matter what label you want to apply to this act, it is one step further than anything else out there and has its roots firmly in the here and now - if not from the future.

The new single "I'm mad" is not a self-diagnosis but a trip into the mind of Charlott Boss, packed into a hypnotic groove with a cool, yet warm sound. To accompany the lyrics ("I'm mad about the way you move, WTF is wrong with you") the video focuses on a striking dance performance.

The question whether Charlott Boss is a pop music outsider or an ambassador of a new pop generation, initially remains unanswered. Later this year, several other tracks from Nod One's Head will be released. Each of them will be a surprise and provide more insight to answer this question.